Yes, resolutions are always at the top of the list at the beginning of a new year. But why not make it a commitment to add self-care to your weekly/daily calendar? Such as: Getting a weekly/monthly therapeutic massage; Adding 5-10 min. meditation to your morning routine; Stretches in the a.m. and before bedtime; Twice a week, soaking in epsom salt; and/or Preparing a new healthy recipe.

Nothing but positive benefits to the mind, body & soul are the rewards to adding any of these remedies to your daily lifestyle. No harm, no hate, no regrets!

You won’t have NO place to live if you don’t take care of #1…YOU/YOUR BODY, MIND & SOUL. Consider alternative remedies when it comes to resolutions on top of exercise and other common additions to your new year routine. I promise you’ll love every ounce of effort you put into something that will only build you UP and reach your self-care GOALS, and those around you will want a taste of what you’re trying.

May 2019 bring you good health, wealth, positive changes, love and light to your Mind, Body & Soul!

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