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After living in quarantine for 3 weeks, and adjusting to the “new norm”, I decided to share the 5 remedies that have worked for me, family and friends. I’m a firm believer that our #1 home is our BODY, and using this precious time to invest in ourselves to heal our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual needs.

  1. Herbs and plants – They’re safe and an effective immune system booster. In a tea (fresh leaves or dry) and/or from an essential oil to boost the respiratory system. All medicine stems from a plant. NOW more than ever is the time to turn to natural remedies!
  2. Emotional shadow work – Certain wounds from our childhood, possibly womb, into adulthood can bring up anxieties. Yes, counseling can help, but use your natural instincts for calming the nervous system thru your breathe, creativity, guided meditation and SLEEP to maintain sanity. NOW is the time to do your shadow work and reflect!
  3. Energetically balance – Disconnect from media for long periods. Set a 10 minute timer as a reminder. It’s easy to hear and see what everyone else’s issues are, but you on an energy level are absorbing all that “dirty” energy. This can cause irritability and other anxious thoughts. Burn incense in your home/work space, a scented candle, palo santo stick or sage bundle. NOW is the time to cleanse all people and spaces in close quarters of you and family!
  4. Eat and drink clean – Nutritional foods and natural vegetables along with more Vitamin C (2000-3000 mg/day). Water, no doubt! Smoothies and steaming your veggies are the easiest, fastest and most rewarding ways to get your nutrients in daily. NOW is the time to start a vegetable or herb garden along with conscious eating!
  5. Movement – A guided yoga or workout video is simple enough. Especially on rainy days, but take advantage of the freedom we have to spend outdoors on the sunny ones. Jump rope, jumping jacks…movement possibilities are endless. Most importantly, STRETCH and include range of motion movements daily to improve your physical foundation. NOW we have the time to move with or without our kids/family!

Now more than ever Mother Earth is healing and we need to turn to the natural elements she has always offered us to recharge, reboost and reconnect. I trust your Mind and Body will feel rejuvenated after applying one or more of these natural remedies to support all your systems.

Email us if you have any questions or comment below with a remedy you desire. Plus, stay tuned for more ways to support your health, heal naturally and grow in wellness!

Virtual love and hugs,


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