Cells are the most basic structural unit of human life and they help to revitalize all of the body’s major systems, yet we aren’t taught how to restore them to allow the body to heal the way it’s created to do…heal naturally. Everything we put into our mouth or on our skin effects our cells, including memories. Emotions are held in our cellular memory, and are the root to all diseases and discomforts of the bodies.

Did you know once alcohol gets in the bloodstream, it is carried to every cell in the body, and affects every major organ, including the muscles, the skin, the heart, the liver, and the brain? Everyone has heard of a Bartender and knows which elixir to order when it comes to happy hour, but nobody really knows how to tend to our trillions of cells and genes. 

We are excited to share our weekly healthy hour workshop – Celltender! We’ve teamed up with cellular health educators, health practioners and experts to share the wisdom of cellular health. Educating you on practices to help your health, mind, body, and spirt wellness.

Join us via Zoom @ 6:30 pm/CST weekly, Thursday’s: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84339269067

Meeting ID: 843 3926 9067
Passcode: cells

Health is the New Wealth!

Your Host & Cellular Health Educator,
Teresa Martinez, Founder, Wellness Coach & Soul Doula

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