*Habla Español

Teresa Martinez, Founder of Roots & Remedy™️ (R&R) is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, MTI, Transformational Wellness Coach, Pranic Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Full Spectrum Doula, Cellular Science Educator & bilingual mama to 3 multicultural children.

Her divine purpose is to learn from traditions, latest holistic practices and innovate them to help support others holistically and growth in their health & wellness journeys. By helping you plant seeds of healing of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic bodies, and support your Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness, you grow and so does the Collective consciousness. You are a Remedy!

Tere- believes we should always remember our ancestors and heal what they could not or didn’t have the tools to do their own healing. Many times our traumas and deep rooted patterns stem from their limited beliefs and blockages, which can be passed down 7 generations. When we remember our true roots: earth, wind, fire and water – we remember those that walked before us and heal for generations after us. 

As a Birth Comadre Doula, she has a passion in supporting parents through their prenatal/postpartum journeys too! As a Mother who didn’t have the support she desired when her children were infants, she knows parents/partners need an R&R community. Someone to allow them to rest, recoop, readjust and really feel loved. Parenthood is emotionally and physically exhausting, but enjoys advocating for parents/parents to be.

Your physical body is your HOME and was made to heal and birth naturally! Where will you live if you don’t take care for it first? 

Know thy Roots, heal thyself…you are a Remedy!