Our Story

Roots & Remedy ™ (R&R) was founded by Teresa Martinez. As a bilingual mother of three, life coach and a practitioner of healing for over 20 years, she has always seen a persons body as their HOME. A home that can heal and birth naturally when nourished and cared for properly.

Under Teresa’s leadership, our divine purpose is to learn from traditions and innovate them to help support your health and growth in wellness. With guidance to find the roots of our clients discomfort and use the best alternative remedy to heal their Mind, Body & Soul. Through Body Work, Pranic or Traditional Healing, and Stress Management/Life Coaching Services; we provide our clients with some much needed R & R. After all, where would you live if you didn’t heal or invest in your number one home?

We believe the root of an issue could stem from an emotion, thought pattern, diet, past trauma or even stress. And, with our team, we are able to help you find a remedy to heal and grow in your health & wellness.

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Teresa Martinez - Roots and Remedy Founder
Teresa Martinez – Roots & Remedy Founder