An Expanding Assortment of Healing Offerings

We know that there is a wide variety of alternative healing options in the world and we firmly believe in the healing power of each to provide support to different people in different circumstances. As such, we offer an ever expanding variety of alternative healing treatments, medical professional technology, and traditional herbal medicine.

Mind Body Spirit Consulting

Have you ever considered working with a personal spiritual coach or transformational coach? We combine our personal experiences and educational backgrounds to guide you on your healing journey. We have remedies and tools to aid in your emotional challenges and begin planting seeds of growth. Listening to you and supporting you can be the greatest gift, but building trust is the foundation of us beginning to work together. We invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute Mind Body Spirit Consultation today. Are you ready to make a change, turn pains into power + purpose? Yes, I’m ready for a change.

Cellular Healing Supplements

ASEA Redox is a documented proven Science that has been discovered and utilizes redox signaling molecules, which are native to our body, to repair cells. This breakthrough tool allows cellular healing because of the cellular signaling. When the cells function and signal better, they heal faster, and maintain health better when injury or illness strikes. This is the ultimate ROOT-Solution to the ROOT-Cause of all dis-ease. In our opinion, the “best practice” for all health and wellness. Learn more here.

Spiritual Cleansing

A traditional healing remedy to cleanse the mental, energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by using medicinal plants, prayer and your intentions.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is no-touch, non-invasive modality that is a highly developed & tested system. Using Prana, which means “Life Force”, is used to provide immediate benefits to patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments. Similar to Reiki, Pranic Healing cleanses, balances and reenergizes the chakras, aura and energy body. In addition, it integrates consciousness, breathwork and body work.

Private Pranic healing sessions are available as needed for blockages of the mind, energy body, and spirit.  Our Pranic Healers will guide you into releasing deep rooted blocks in cellular memory and energy body. Add on to any of our R&R massage sessions.

Pranic healing is not intended to supplant or usurp medicine.
It is a complimentary approach that adds to the practice of medicine.