Evolve Your Roots Retreat, Sat., 10/10/20 @ Ardor Wood Farm

Our Vision

Uniting Women in a safe and sacred space to liberate and transform into the worthy empowering wild woman. Our Mission is to build a community of multi-cultural women to empower each other and uplift one another.

Our Core Values

Alchemize emotional pain bodies

Connect with your body & womb space

Clearing energetically

Alter your state of wellbeing

Explore thru journeying

Boost your mind, body & soul

Challenge you to get out of comfort zone

Hold space in an intimate safe setting

Key Messages

Live your soul’s purpose

Reclaim your passion and voice

Live with power and purpose

Liberate the family bloodline

Break your SELF FREE

Rewrite your cultural story

Evolve for your children and future generations

To heal the planet we must be willing to help heal the parts of ourselves that contribute to its suffering…ones that have been passed down from our ancestors as well.

Teresa Martinez

If you are being called to connect to the roots that aren’t serving your soul’s purpose, evolve into the powerful woman you are, liberate ancestral pain bodies of mother wound, rewrite your new story and reclaim your gifts for your bloodline and future generations.



If you don’t address emotional pain bodies, they will keep coming up. Investing in yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Create the time for your self-healing and join us to cultivate together!


Early Bird Investment – $200 now to Aug 1st

Midway Investment – $250 Aug 1st to Aug 31st

Late Investment – $300 Sept 1st to Oct. 6


It’s crucial to feel safe and supported, and we guarantee that by holding this space for you, that your soul will feel transformed and liberated.

Teresa is passionate about healing the earth, as we are one with it, and supporting indigenous people. We can guarantee that 10% of your investment will be going to a good cause, which is The Amazonia Relief Fund to assist with the Amazon RainForest crisis and indigenous lives that live there.

About Teresa, Roots & Remedy

Roots & Remedy ™ was founded by Teresa Martinez. As a bilingual multi-cultural mother of three, soul doula and a practitioner of healing for over 20 years, she has always seen a persons body as their HOME and each individual is their own HEALER. Thru her spiritual growth and personal transformation, she has created community circles, programs and retreats to bring enlightenment and liberation to those who are awakening to earth’s new reality.

Read about the Healers:

About Megan Leblanc Pho

Megan is a storyteller, photographer, and certified yoga instructor who believes in being of service to others in helping them evolve from living mindlessly to mindfully. With the power of mindfulness and movement, we can begin to beautifully shift into our most authentic selves — to start living with more purpose and intent. Her belief is that health and happiness are naturally intertwined — if we want to make external changes in our life, the work starts internally. For the retreat, Megan will be providing Meditation and Yoga practices to allow ourselves to sit in stillness and find what stagnant energy needs to be released in the outward expression of the body. By finding this emotional release through the physical realm, we obtain clarity — ultimately leading us to improved health and an abundant amount of happiness. Find out more at www.frommindflesstomindful.com.

About Andrea Cortez

Music therapist, Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC, generates her work through the power of sound, designing experiences that utilize the transformational effects of sound to create positive change on the human biology, energy, and mind. She is a multi-instrumentalist, integrating harp, voice, singing bowls, gong, and other instruments into her individual and group work.  Andrea practices out of her music therapy studio in Austin and offers private sound therapy sessions and sound meditation classes. For the Retreat: Andrea will combine the power of voice, harp, and sound meditation into an experience that reintegrates, grounds and connects us to earth energy. Find out more at www.MindBodyMusicCenter.com.

About Irasema Bailey

Irasema aka Iris is a Spanish/English speaking doula and bodyworker/sobadora, as well as a Reiki healer. She has supported parents and families in the Austin area, as a doula since 2009 and is currently a Birth Comadre at Austin’s first multi-cultural doula collective, Birth Comadres. She uses a traditional Mexican tool called the Rebozo which can help with optimal fetal positioning and comfort during birthing time. And also teaches classes on the use of the Rebozo in pregnancy birth and postpartum as well as using it as a self-care tool. She has trained with DONA International, Vida Luna Massage y Mas, Mercy in Action as a Midwifery assistant. Traditional Rebozo techniques with Marucha Ilhuakatzin and techniques passed down from my abuela Juana Solis Martinez. Find out more at: www.Lmmhealing.com

For the retreat: Closing of the bones ceremony/workshop will be to educate you about the usage of the Rebozo with a short demonstration. Then a partner and I will use several rebozos for each woman to experience a sacred ceremony of connecting to the womb space with light touch and wrapping the body with the traditional cloths to release pain bodies that are still present in the mother wound or your temple/womb.

About Crystal L. Peña

Crystal brings Healing through Movement, a therapeutic research-based practice that she developed for those who wish to connect to their healing potential within and through the community. Crystal sees movement as a universal language in which all people everywhere can express themselves and understand one another. She infuses somatic tools and awareness with creative movement to facilitate growth and stability through movement journeys. 

Crystal learned how vital movement is for mental health and healing trauma during her psychotherapy work, applying dance/movement and somatic therapy interventions.  Finding connection to her ancestors and ancient wisdom led to a re-envisioning of how she shows up and serves in the world. In reclaiming their values and wisdom, she now teaches movement as a way to live in energetic harmony with the earth and with respect for all living things.

Mindful Strategies, the brainchild and consulting arm of her work, produces workshops and training for individuals and organizations ready to step into their higher purpose. Crystal’s trauma-informed trainings and workshops have been produced both locally and internationally to teach building from a place of wellness and resilience, consciously responding, rather than from lack and reaction.  A Fellow of Freedom School for Intersectional Medicine and Health Justice, Crystal is on a mission to decolonize mental health and works actively to develop and hone creative solutions to ever-increasing challenges in wellness, social justice, and public health. Find out more at www.mindfulstrategies.org

About Hiral Patel

I help women find their flow and breakthrough health suppression into their highest self-expression using natural tools. I am an Occupational Therapist certified as a brain injury specialist.  Additionally, Master Practitioner of NLP, Advanced EFT practitioner. I became certified and registered as a yoga teacher with foundations of Ayurveda, adaptive and Hatha yoga.  I am also a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Health Provider which means I utilize complementary alternative medicine therapies, strategies, and integrative-holistic techniques to work with a wide variety of mental health conditions including areas of digestion, detoxification, culinary methods, nutrition essentials, entheogens, herbal remedies, somatic therapies and protocols for mental health management. As a cancer survivor, I am also able to understand the health journey that women may go through during our work together, linking gaps between certain stressors and causality to physical manifestations in the body using the META-medicine model of NLP. 

I teach powerful techniques for creating balance and ease in mental, physical and emotional health. As a result, I get to work with women to identify and release emotional triggers, discover their root causes, create a plan of action for mental health maintenance with future goals, increase energy levels, mental resilience, focus, better relationships, improve sleep imbalance, and improve healthy food choices for brain and body performance for longevity For the retreat: Hiral will be sharing tools for goal setting and takeaway action items to implement in your daily life.

Find out more: Hiral Patel Coaching” https://www.facebook.com/HiralPatelCoaching and Instagram instagram.com/hiralpatelcoaching

About Michele Leblanc

Plant-based personal chef and wholesome food enthusiast, Michele, will be offering nutritious and balanced meals for our retreat. Michele believes in healing your body from within through the power of food instead of medicine. At home, she always chooses locally farmed and ethically grown foods. She believes that eating well-balanced meals isn’t a diet, but a beautiful way of living.

Follow her wholesome food journey on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wholesomefoodjourney/?hl=en.