To heal the planet we must be willing to help heal the parts of ourselves that contribute to its suffering…ones that have been passed down from our ancestors as well. Know thy roots, heal thy roots, you are a remedy.

Teresa Martinez

Evolve Your Rootz Retreat

Nov. 13-14, 2021

Samadhi Center, San Marcos, TX

If you are a conscious driven woman who is ready to uplevel your spiritual development, amplify your soul’s purpose, and evolve pain bodies into joy and abundance – join us in a sacred space for this powerful and fun journey!

Sipping an herbal remedy beside the sacred pyramid as the rising sun begins to shine on the swaying trees at view…

…it’s the end of an incredible day spent experiencing the powerful vibes, rejuvenating energy, and the magnificent sacred land at Samadhi.

You connect with new soul sisters, sharing your blocks and releases, feeling safe and restored.

Gazing from the highest peak at Samadhi, you can hardly beleive that you are here and grateful for making the investment in your mind, body and spirit.

Now I know you’ve heard that healing starts within the mind, body and spirit…

…so imagine the effect of three extraordinary days and nights in the exclusive company of soulful and motivated women like you sharing not only their collective wisdom and best feminine insights

Key Messages

Live your soul’s purpose

Reclaim your passion and voice

Live with power and purpose

Liberate the family bloodline

Break your SELF FREE

Evolve for your children and future generations

We know you are doing your inner work and healing parts of yourself. Let us guide you to connect to your ancestral roots and spiritual guides. To remove anything that isn’t serving your soul’s purpose and evolve into the powerful remedy woman you are. Do this not for just yourself, but for for your bloodline and future generations.



If you don’t address emotional pain bodies, they will keep coming up physically, mentally and/or energetically. Investing in yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential to your own evolution. Create the space for your self-healing journey and join us to cultivate and evolve together!


Early Bird Investment – now till August 31, 2021

If finances are in your way, simply reach out to Teresa and we will be happy to work with your circumstances.


It’s crucial to feel safe and supported, and we guarantee that by holding this space for you, that you will feel less emotionally attached, physically relaxed and mentally liberated. Please see the itinerary below.

Teresa is passionate about healing pachamama/earth mother, as we are one with it, and supporting indigenous people. We can guarantee that 10% of your investment will be going to a good cause, which is The Amazonia Relief Fund to assist with the Amazon RainForest crisis and indigenous lives that live there.

About Teresa, Roots & Remedy

Roots & Remedy ™ was founded by Teresa Martinez. As a bilingual multi-cultural mother of three, soul doula and a practitioner of healing for over 20 years, she has always seen a persons body as their HOME and each individual is their own REMEDY. Thru her spiritual growth and personal transformation, she has created community circles, programs and rootz retreatz to bring enlightenment and liberation to those who are awakening to earth’s new reality.

For the Retreat: Teresa will guide us into a shamanic journey, pranic healing and cleansing your auric field.

Read about the Healers:

About Linda Natera

Linda brings Healing through Yoga movement. She infuses yoga flow with creative ways to facilitate growth and stability through movement journeys. 

Linda learned how vital movement is for mental health and isn’t as accesible in her Latinx communiteis. She envisioned a place where she can serve her community with offerings of yoga and other holistic modalities. Her non-profit, Sana Yaga, started during the pandemic, and she’s currently studying to be an Ayurveda Counselor.

For the Retreat: Linda will combine movement and breath work to realign your nervous system into an experience that reintegrates, grounds and connects us to earth energy. Find out more at

About Rosalva De Las Flores:

Rosalva is a Holistic Traditional Healer from Mexico and the Southwest. She specializes in Traditional Art of Mexican Folk healing, Massage (Sobadas) Polarity (Energetic alignments) spiritual cleansing (Limpias) balance of the nervous system, Digestive imbalances (empachos) Emotional pain, generational trauma (Passed History) and more. 

For the retreat: Rosalva will lead us into the opening and closing ceremonies. Plus, as a Knowledge Broker, she will share her wisdom to “Detox the mind” to help you shift your mindset rooted in old strategies.

Find out more at

About Barakah Sahaiel:

Barakah aka The Doula Scientist is a holistic full spectrum doula who offers holistic based services and health information using tools and information from modern science and scientists. Creator of the journal, 28-Day Moon Journey. She is currently working on a bachelors in Pre – Med Nutrition while aspiring for an MD. She couples her certifications and experience as an herbalist, full spectrum doula, and meal planner to offer a comprehensive holistic tool kit to assist clients in reaching their health goals no matter where they are in their Health Journey.

For the retreat: Barakah will demonstrate a nutiritous dish and share the importance of getting aligned with your moon cycle + nutrition. Included in your retreat investment will be a copy of her 28-day moon journal.

Find out more at