“Teresa has been my massage therapist of choice for nearly 15 years now. I’ve even moved away to a different city (and back) since I started seeing her and would book her when I was in town to visit! Now that I’m living in Austin again permanently, she’s gotten me through many things, ranging from sports injuries all the way to the very difficult emergency birth of my child. She’s an expert at keeping the atmosphere calm, and she can fix that hitch in your giddy-up and have you walking away feeling normal again so fast. She has my trust for a lifetime.”

-April M.

“I always feel like I am recharged after a session from Teresa. She makes me feel wonderful inside and out.”

-Deborah T.

“My name is Adrian B. and I have been through several treatments with Teresa for the last 10 months she has contributed greatly to relieving my pain as a result of several car accidents. She offers pain relief for my daily routine and active lifestyle. She has made me very conscious of my posture and awareness of my movements in my workplace to prevent further injury. Teaching me about stretching and having a positive mindset about healing. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone seeking pain relief for I am opposed to taking pain relievers. She offers nothing but natural holistic healthy advice and is the best therapist I have had!”

-Adrian B.

“Teresa was the best Doula we could ask for in Austin. Her therapeutic touch helped me get through my first prenatal term with no complications, but the labor process was faster than we expected. When we arrived at the hospital, Teresa was already there and had the hospital staff waiting at the door with a wheelchair to take me upstairs. Throughout my labor and delivery, Teresa continued to be the stable and soothing presence that my husband and I needed. During such an emotional event, it made all the difference having Teresa there encouraging and comforting me through the stages of labor and delivery. After I delivered my beautiful daughter, Teresa stayed with me, rubbed my aching feet and body, and spoke more comforting words while my husband took the baby for her first bath. She stayed until we knew that we were fine and settled in. Teresa continued to check in with me after we were all home and came to my home for a post-natal massage. I hadn’t realized how much I needed that! We will definitely ask Teresa to be our Doula if we have a second child.”

-Jen and Jesse R.

“Hi, I’m a forty-nine year old male in decent condition who was recently the passenger in a automobile accident and visited Ms. Martinez for massage therapy. From the beginning, Ms. Martinez was pleasant, informative and deliberate about the wonderful therapeutic massage she administered. On every visit she was quick to ask how I was feeling, where any trouble spots were and what level of intensity was I prepared to receive – I’m a deep tissue guy every time. Her professional manner of becoming informed before beginning each treatment made me comfortable that I was in good hands–no pun intended. Ms. Martinez possesses the strength and subtlety to satisfy the most demanding of customers–I know because my case was pretty severe. I could hardly rotate my waist when I first arrived. While undergoing physical therapy, I was exposed to massage therapy to counter the effects of the extreme muscle tightening I had experienced. Recovery was not quick, yet Ms. Martinez was patient and understanding, but most importantly a critical component of my improved condition today. Through conscientious communication and sound advice, she provided top notch therapeutic massage that made it possible for my physical activities to progress incrementally and get me to where I am now. Thanks Teresa for the expert service and healing touch you administered to my aching body. You’re tops in my book!”

-Roland S.

FB Testimonial & Post for Moms:

15 Hours after a Rebozo Ceremony. What is it? Why is it important?

Thank you Tere- Martinez, the doula / healer / mother / massage therapist who performed mine. I had to read more about it and why it is so imperative to postpartum recovery. I cannot recommend her enough!

“Closing The Bones” birth support massage-
If we did MRI scans of pregnant women we would see how the hips open during the pregnancy, becoming wider and wider, and that after the birth it is paramount to help close them back to their normal width, otherwise mothers suffer from pelvic instability many women suffering from hip issues in our society to the lack of closing the bones massages post birth) and leak energy.

In traditional cultures, the 40 days of the postnatal period represent a sacred time. In Ecuador, women are given this massage within hours of the birth, and receive it again at least 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days postpartum. The massage stimulates blood flow which in turn; cleans, renews, moves fluids (it may also help with milk supply/lochia), moves hormones, stimulates the immune system, and helps tone muscles and tissues. Our hips also support the weight of the spine and head and they are therefore the seat of unresolved emotions and trauma, which can be felt upon the hips as crystals, that need to be popped and released during the massage.

Whether you are a new mom or not so new mother, I experienced and witnessed how powerful this ritual can be in releasing emotions in a safe way, even many years after the birth itself.

15 hours since the Rebozo, I notice a physical relaxation and a more peaceful mindset. I trust my body, its capacities, life, and especially my capacity to welcome life. Tere- Martinez is magical. Her session wasn’t on a clock. She allowed herself to be open to what I needed and nurtured me accordingly. She gave me time to think about where I carried Cienna in my body and how I carry her now. Calling into the space how much my body went through and honoring it with releasing what no loner served it Such as the story of how tired I am and what I cannot do.

Tere- Martinez offered this rejuvenating service with the highest level of professional care with so much love. THIS is what is missing for postpartum mothers. We are desperate to feel cared for. You are a wonderful part of my journey now.

Deepest gratitude to my husband Shad Chancey for gifting me this experience.

Birth Comadres is a community of progressive and experienced doulas and offer beautiful services to support mothers. Please visit https://www.birthcomadres.com/postpartum

*They even help with:

Caring for baby while you shower
enjoy some self-care or nap
Light housecleaning
Meal Prep
Whatever you may need support with in the “4th trimester”.

-Jeana M.

Your kind, nurturing spirit and strong presence is so lovely!  This is a snapshot of my experience . . .

I appreciate your time and attention to energetically tune the chakras, a moment of exquisite attention, to center/ground before you began moving issues in my tissues.
The essential oils activated deep breath and thereby presence, inviting my whole being to release and surrender to your magic.
The massage was wonderfully unique in that it incorporated a “traditional” – on a table position –  yet moved and stretched with yin yoga/Thai massage-like postures.
Our session was not quite as passive, as is typical, but engaged more of my body and my senses to discover a deeper flow of tension release and self healing.
-Karen K.